Sever's disease

Sever's disease occurs when the Achilles tendon pulls too much on the growth plate of the calcaneus (heel bone). This is because the bones in the lower leg lengthen faster than the muscle and tendon resulting in the tendon pulling harder on the growth plate.

It is prominent in active children usually between 8-12yrs. Increased running and training loads combined with hard grounds/ surfaces and footy boots/shoes which don’t offer much support exacerbate the symptoms. 

Modification to training loads and/or activities may also need to be implemented.

This can be done by:

  • reducing the number of training sessions a week
  • decreasing the intensity of the training
  • shortening the length of the session
Simple things to alleviate symptoms are:
  • Ice
  • Massage
  • Calf strengthening exercises
  • Taping (see video)
Changes to the footwear may also be necessary:
  • Heel raises 
  • Orthotics

Sever’s doesn’t need an x-ray or a scan, or any injections or surgery. It's an easy clinical diagnosis and just requires simple conservative management.

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